Date: 20th Oct 2017 @ 12:10am

We have really enjoyed investigating Autumn recently! We have talked about how the season has changed and what this means including how the weather, temperature and plants in our playground are different than there were a few weeks ago. We have used the children's existing knowledge and shared this with the rest of the class as well as using information books to find out new facts.

The children have been collecting Autumn treasures at home with their families and in our outdoor area. In school, we have used these treasures in lots of different ways. To help develop our fine motor skills, we have been making leaf necklaces by punching holes and threading string through leaves. We have used conkers to create conker rolling pictures which have allowed us to talk about colour changes as the paint colours mixed and develop our gross motor skills by using a very big box. 

We have also learnt about the festival of Harvest and how this is a time of year that Christians say thank you to God and the people who have helped to grow our food. We have learnt that we can protect our crops by using a scarecrow and we have made our own scarecrow using a wooden spoon and craft materials as well as making 'Squashy Simon the Scarecrow' to protect the spring cabbages that we are growing in our vegetable beds. We have made bird feeders using pipe cleaners and cheerios that we will hang in the trees in our outdoor area once the weather gets colder and birds are finding it hard to find food. 

We are looking forward to the next change in season and hoping it brings snow!

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