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What is STEM?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM is important because it is included in every part of our lives. Science is everywhere in the world around us. Technology is continuously expanding into every aspect of our lives. Engineering is the basic designs of roads and bridges, but also tackles the challenges of changing global weather and environmentally-friendly changes to our home. Mathematics is in every occupation, every activity we do in our lives.



What impact does STEM have on learning?

STEM builds and encourages problem solving skills. In STEM activities, students learn how to analyse problems and then work to correct and overcome them.

STEM instills creativity. In our world of innovation, creativity is the fuel for new technologies and ideas. Creativity allows students to see problems in new ways and to think outside of the box.

STEM  gives children the edge in flourishing careers. Having experiences in elementary school where students can have hands-on opportunity with STEM activities, they will gain important knowledge and skills. More and more careers require advanced mathematical and scientific knowledge and ability. Becoming introduced to science and math at an early age will give students an advantage.


What have we done so far?

On the 22nd March and the 23rd March, all our pupils took part in STEM workshops. These workshops were designed to support their current topics and provided pupils with the opportunities to plan and carry out different investigations in all STEM subjects.


We have also developed a new 'STEM Den' which features many bases designed to challenge our pupils to overcome a variety of challenges, each based around a different STEM subject.


Here are some websites to help support your child with STEM learning;

NASA Kids Club

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